Beachwood Fire Department- 745 Beachwood Blvd. Beachwood NJ 08722  Phone # 732-349-0014  Fax# 732-505-4515

**The following Terms and Conditions of renting our banquet hall are for informational purposes only.  When you meet with our hall rental committee,  a full review of our comprehensive contract will be conducted with you.

Hall Rental Terms & Conditions

(Updated 3/22/2021)


  • All Rental Fees and Deposits will be in the form of a money order or certified check, payable to the “Beachwood Volunteer Fire Company #1”.  NO CASH will be accepted.


  • Deposit shall be paid when the rental contract is signed ($600 for Beachwood residents/ $700 for non- residents. 
  • Your date will NOT be reserved until payment of deposit is received.


  • The rate for the hall rental is $175 per hour for Beachwood residents, and $190 per hour for non-residents.  This includes clean up at the conclusion of your event.
  • Rentals are not to extend past 12:00 AM at any time.
  • Friday and Saturday Rentals require a minimum four (4) hours rental.
  • If your rental exceeds the time period agreed upon in the contract, you will be responsible for additional fees at the above hourly rate, DUE IMMEDIATELY. This includes clean-up time.
  • Payment of rental fees are due no less than seven (7) days prior to your event.  Fees may be paid at the same time as the deposit is made.  Failure to provide full payment within at least seven days prior to rental will result in applicant forfeiting their full deposit.
  • Renter will be responsible for clean up at end of event, or pay additional fee of $150 for Fire Department clean up.


  • If applicant cancels the rental 10 days or less prior to rental, NO DEPOSIT will be refunded
  • If applicant cancels the rental 11 days to 21 days prior to rental, $400.00 will be refunded for Beachwood Residents, $500 for non-residents.


  • Smoke Machines                                                                      -    Non UL approved extension cords or devices
  • Open Flame Candles  (Birthday Cake Candles are OK)         -   Barbeque Grills
  • Confetti                                                                                      -    Propane Tanks
  • No items shall be taped, stapled, glued thumbtacked to any surface in the hall


  • If you are SELLING tickets for an event on this application, AND are serving alcoholic beverages, you are required by law to obtain approval for a one (1) day liquor license through the Borough of Beachwood and the New Jersey Division of ABC.  You must also attached a sample ticket to this rental agreement and a copy of your certificate of liability insurance holding the Beachwood Volunteer Fire Company # 1 harmless.  You will be required to file proof of the ABC liquor license prior to the execution of your hall rental.


The following are examples of additional actions that will result in the forfeiture of your deposit:

  • Failure to properly clean the facility after your rental
  • Damages to any equipment or property- Deposit will be forfeited and you will be responsible for repair or replacement cost of items damaged.
  • Failure to return Key to hall- Deposit will be forfeited and you will be responsible for cost of having locks re-keyed.
  • If you are asked to leave the hall, or if the police are called your FULL deposit will be forfeited.